Macro Lenses And Macro Photography

13 March 2019Macro Lenses And Macro Photography

Lens selection according to the intended use . In this article, our subject is macro lenses and macro photography;

What is a macro lens and what is a macro photo?

What are the advantages, which areas are used?

What to look for when buying a wide-angle lens etc. I will try to answer these questions in this article.

First of all we have to warn the readers, angles and measurements are calculated according to the sensor machines with 35 mm dimensions which we call full frame. In crop sensor machines, it is calculated according to the crop size of the machine. It is usually 1.5 multiplied. That means 50 mm lens crop sensor is 75 mm. The lens closest to the standard eye is 50 to 55 mm.  It is the purpose of use rather than size of macro lenses. Each lens has a sharpness range. For example, the 50 mm lens's sharpness is between 1 meter and infinite. In macro lenses this distance is shorter. In some macro models, we can approach till a few centimeters, so that we can see all the details of the object more clearly.

Let's talk a bit about the macro photo, it can be used for shooting small creatures such as butterflies, insects, flowers, as well as can be used in advertising photo. Macro photography technique is used in the shooting of small but detailed products we want like ring, jewelry etc.  

Macro lenses have a wide variety of working methods and varieties, you can even convert your normal lenses to a macro lens using a tube, rail slider or reverse lens method, but if you want to get good results, our recommendation is to get a lens produced for macro shooting. Because, in other methods, the details of the products may not be more clear and sharp.

Some brands in the photo market turn tele lenses into a macro lens with the help of a switch. Amateur users are trying to sell by typing the macro feature is on top for demanding. However, this type of lenses can not get enough efficiency.

Macro photography requires attention and refinement, although it may seem easy. Otherwise, you may not be able to give the form of the object you shoot. If you are shooting a sensitive creature like a butterfly, you have to approach slowly and take care of it while touching it. We should even hold our breath when we shoot. Many things we're about to shoot shouldn't touch a hand. Our fingerprints on metal items such as ring, jewelry, pass to the product instantly. For this reason, we should treat sensitively and use a cloth glove when we touch. You need to pay attention when using cloth gloves, parts like feather etc. may remain on the top.

In macro products it is difficult to make light, when the product becomes short, it is hard to manage the light. But as you get used to, you can handle those challenges.